RIS / PACS Interoperability & Connectivity

Solving RIS / PACS Interoperability Issues

  • Acquired practices with disparate systems and business practices?
  • Working in a multi-practice, multi-system, multi-vendor environment?
  • Difficulty retrieving patient data from different systems?
  • Multiple Log-ons and different user interfaces?
  • Disparate worklists and databases?
  • Waste time looking for priors?
  • Making diagnoses without knowing if a prior study exists?


Our Offering and Partnership

  • Industry Leading PartnerImplementing Technologies, LLC has partnered with solution developer, Compressus, to deliver seamless connectivity and interoperability between diagnostic acquisition devices, HIS, RIS, PACS, and their related information systems.
  • Complete Product and Service Package:  Together our two teams ensure a superior SW, implementation, integration, and support experience.
  • Ensure Efficiency and ROI:  Focusing on both RIS/PACS and PM and other health information systems allows us to provide not only new functionality but ensure efficiency and ROI.


Example Solution Features

  • Single Worklist: Efficient web-based access to patient data in one consistent format.
  • Subspecialization Focus: Delivers information to appropriate physician, in real time – regardless of location, which allows full leveraging of physician subspecialty and expertise.
  • Automated Routing: Configurable routing rules to best suit your specific pre-fetch/routing needs for single or multiple designations.
  • Multiple RIS & PACS: Optimize existing systems by seamlessly connecting all sources that store and display imaging studies and associated patient information.
  • Viewer of Choice: Select the best of breed viewer; no longer compromise on your viewer choice for the sake of interoperability.
  • Standardized Dictation: Seamless and/or enterprise wide access to host VR or transcript on systems through a single user interface.
  • Workload Balancing: Improves turnaround times, optimizing patient care, and increasing radiologist utilization.
  • Increased Revenue: Ready access to patient data provides ability to read studies faster, thereby increasing throughput.
  • Scalable:  Fully scalable to any enterprise size.
  • Truly Open System:  Utilizes industry standards for a truly open system.