Patient Centered Medical Home

The National Committee for Quality and Assurance (NCQA) sponsored Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) quality reporting incentive model is driving providers and stakeholders to examine new models for care that focus on coordinated care and quality outcomes.  The benefits of the delivery model and standards are compelling to many industry stakeholders but require an understanding of the recognition processes; process, workflow, and case management improvements and modifications; and technology tools and enablers to support these activities in an efficient manner.  We have partnered with one of the largest multi-site NCQA Level III Recognized providers in the country to provide a complete set of clinical, business, and technology solutions to providers seeking this status.


Turn-key Support

  • Guidance from Industry Leading Providers and Administrators:  Our team includes providers and administrators from industry leading NCQA certified groups.
  • NCQA PCMH Application Consulting:  Provide varied levels of support from general guidance to full administrative management of completion process.
  • Workflow Improvement Support:  Identify areas for business and clinical improvements and implement solutions
  • Outsourced Case Management Human Resources:  Allow our team to train and deliver staff to manage populations and improve effectiveness in your program goals
  • Technology Consulting:  develop and implement tools and customize existing systems to support the delivery of this new model and standards of care.


Certification / Accreditation

  • Gain NCQA PCMH Recognition:  Let our provider partners guide you through the process they have already successfully navigated.
  • Learn Best Practices:  Benefit from lessons learned and knowledge of best practices in recognition steps and management processes.

Process, Workflow, and Case Management Consulting

  •  Clinical:  Educate providers on new standards of care and required workflow, and identify reporting techniques and tools to best support delivery of care.
  • Administrative:  Leverage cost savings and quality care data to improve payer contracts and terms.  Modify scheduling, case management, and reporting functions to guarantee best results.


Enable Proven Results

  • Attain NCQA PCMH Level III Recognition:  Achieved for 85+ provider practice across over 25 locations.
  • Cost Savings:  Improved 9 of 10 patient data measures to obtain preventative patient care cost savings totaling 15.8%.
  • Payor Benefits:  Non-participating BCBS patients cost $20,000 a year compared to $10,000 a year for participating PCMH patients.
  • BCBS Savings:  1500 participating PCMH patients with diabetes saved BCBS over $3,000,000 in one year.

Tools and Enablers

  • Datamining Solutions and Tools
  • Outsourced Case Management Human Resources
  • Case Management Interface
  • Case Management Reporting Tools
  • Call Center Tools
  • Provider Portals
  • Patient Portals
  • Payor Reporting Tools
  • Patient Tracking Tools
  • HIE Solutions