HIE Solutions

Organizations across the country are seeking to implement or benefit from health information exchanges.  We are working to support small, local, multi-enterprise interoperability initiatives as well as larger initiatives at the state, regional, and national levels.  We can help your organization, regardless of size, realize benefits from the shifting paradigm in clinical information and knowledge sharing.  Our support crosses four primary areas of HIEs and their utilization: infrastructure and architecture development; integration engine deployments; clinical portals and interfaces; and general support services.

HIE Infrastructure and Architecture Development

  • Design and Project Management:  Utilize support to develop and implement the infrastructure and architecture to build an efficient exchange.  Benefit from lessons learned and teammates focused on solving these specific problems.
  • HIE building blocks:  Design and structure the repositories, registries, connectors, and gateways for effective information exchange.

Integration Engine Deployments

  • Implement at a Small or Grand Scale:  Integration engines are being used and developed on a smaller tactical scale inside single enterprises, hospitals, and amongst partners to drive efficiencies and breakdown information silos.  They are also being developed on a larger more strategic scale at the state, regional, and national level.  Our staff support projects at both levels.
  • Integrate and Connect Between any Healthcare Information System:  Integration engines need the capability to connect between any information type and workflow system.  Choosing the right engine and building seamless interfaces are critical to success.

Clinical and Administrative Portals and Interface Solutions

  • Effectively Interface with Clinical Data:  sharing data is only as effective as the provider or administrator’s ability to interface, utilize, and use it in clinical decision making.
  • Incorporate Shared Information into Your Workflow:  optimize the provider or administrator’s utilization and incorporate, where valuable, into your organization’s regular workflow.  Interoperability tools must interface seamlessly and add value to everyday workflow systems and processes.
  • Create Real Efficiency, Quality, and Profit Synergies from Information Sharing:  Value must not only be seen at the public health administrator and policy level but also at the clinical and provider level.

Support Services

  • Lead System Integrator and Subcontractor:  Our team works to implement HIE solutions as a supporting member to large teams focused on regional, state, and large system initiatives but also provide leadership roles in smaller community, enterprise, multi-system, and hospital initiatives.
  • Agnostic Approach:  we have relationships with leading HIE enabling technology vendors and infrastructure partners and are committed to work with your stakeholders to ensure that your organization has a solution that fits your needs and are not relying on untested proprietary solutions.
  • Greatest Value:  Our healthcare focused approach allows us to deliver the breadth and depth of offerings found in much larger consultancies and integrators, with the cost and customer service of smaller firms.  Our clients feel that we perfectly fill the sparsely populated and much needed space between large expensive consultancies and small IT services firms.