RIS / PACS Software Services

We Customize and Integrate RIS/PACS Systems to Meet your Unique Needs

  • Match Your Organization’s Processes:  We augment commercial off the shelf software platforms with custom programs, modules, and process recommendations to allow our clients to generate systems that best match their organization and processes and generate the greatest efficiencies, quality of care, and profits.
  • Increase your Return on Investment (ROI):  Physicians and hospitals receive the greatest return on investment after selecting and modifying systems and processes that best meet their size, situation, and specialty.
  • Gain efficiencies:  Proper implementation and customization of systems and processes lead to true increases in efficiencies.

 Complete RIS/PACS Services Offering

  • RIS/PACS System Acquisition
    • New system acquisition and implementations
    • RFP and Vendor Selection
    • Patient Portal Modules
    • Provider Portals Modules
    • Billing and Revenue Cycle Management Solutions
    • Report Development and Management Modules
    • Mammography Tracking Functionality
    • Scanning/document management solutions
  • RIS/PACS System Support
    • Upgrades
    • System conversion
    • Custom enhancement and development
    • Workflow improvement
    • 24/7 Support
    • Change Management
    • Training
  • RIS/PACS Integration
    • Data Validation
    • HL7 Interfaces
    • DICOM Modality Worklist
    • Reporting Worklist and Image Viewing
    • Report Access
    • Complex Workflows and Teleradiology
    • Coding
    • Testing

Reduce Burden and Cost

  • Done right with the least amount of pain:  Our success in driven by our ability to deliver quality service, at a superior value, with the least amount of administrative and financial burden to our clients.
  • Superior implementation, customization, and support can drive success: Poor implementations can be costly and distracting.

RIS / PACS Interoperability and Connectivity

  • Integrate Systems and Data:  As your organization grows, managing disparate locations, vendors, and systems becomes a greater challenge and distraction.  Implementing Technologies works with clients to reduce this burden and increase efficiency, quality, and profits.
  • Develop Single Worklist:  Our partnership solution with Compressus provides disparate systems with one single worklist.