Revenue Cycle Management

One-of-a-kind Approach

  • Powerful strategic partnerships:  Implementing Technologies, LLC has developed a strategic partnership with an industry leading healthcare provider group and other services firms to provide a proven formula for success in revenue cycle management.
  • Rely on the expertise of actual healthcare providers and administrators:  Our offering allows your practice to receive fully coordinated support from leading practitioners and administrators.
  • Share the success of leading providers:   Adopt systems, processes, and best practices from some of the highest performing industry leaders.

Complete Service Offering

  • Process Structuring
  • Credentialing
    • Hospital Privileging
    • Government Enrollments
    • Network Enrollment
    • Health Plans Credentialing
    • State Applications
    • CAQH
    • License Renewals
    • Primary Source Verification
    • CME’s
  • Billing and Collections
    • Super Bill Analysis
    • Fee Schedule Analysis
    • Patient Demographic registration
    • Coding Verification
    • Claim Scrubbing
    • Electronic and Paper Claim submission
    • Payment Posting and Processing
    • Remittance Posting
    • Appeals and Grievance Processing
    • A/R Follow Up
    • Bad Debt Management
    • Patient Statements
    • Compliance Adherence
    • Customized Financial Reporting

Industry Leading Results

  • Higher reimbursement on first pass
  • Improved A/R collection
  • Collect with fewer FTEs

Detail Oriented and Focused on Results

  • In a word…relentless:  Best in class results require relentless focus in both credentialing and billing.
  • Maximize your collections:  Receive the greatest financial result possible and work with our experts to continually improve your processes.
  • Deep team of experts:  Our team has a deep bench of coding and billing experts.
  • Seek continuous improvement:  We will work with your team to continue to improve upon the results that we deliver.

Unsurpassed Value

  • Variety of service and pricing models:  Each of our clients request different levels of revenue cycle management and outsourcing.  Some seek targeted support while others demand our full suite of services.  We, therefore, remain flexible in our price and scope to provide just the support you need.
  • Customization the key to competitive pricing:  Our ability to deliver a custom service offering allows our firm to meet or beat most competitors.
  • Get more for less:  Shared resources allow the smallest of groups to access a collection of staff resources for a only a fraction of the cost.

 Customized Technology / Processes

  • Technology at the core:   Regardless of size, technology is at the core of the most effectively managed revenue cycle management processes.
  • Choose systems that are right for you:  We do not sell our own proprietary systems and, therefore, take an agnostic approach to technology implementation and customization.  Our team can work with any of the leading software developers to deliver a system that meets your needs and budget.
  • Customize technology and processes to achieve the greatest results with the least amount of pain:  Effective implementation and customization of systems is the key to achieving efficiency and savings in staff, resources, and technology.  We work hard with your group to adjust your processes, workflow, and tools to achieve results in the most painless and efficient manner.
  • Multi-specialty experience and results:  We have experience in most medical specialties and can provide administration recommendations relevant to providers of all types.