Multi-practice Integration

The healthcare industry is experiencing a time of significant growth, transformation, and consolidation.  Hospital systems and independent practices are rapidly acquiring practices, hospitals, and other systems throughout the country.  Implementing Technologies, LLC has been a powerful partner in supporting the integration of many of these transactions.


Implementing Technologies, LLC Brings Deep Integration and M&A Experience

  • Our Team has Experience Supporting Strategic Buyers, Financial Buyers, and Management Consulting Firms:  our diverse backgrounds allow our firm to not only answer our client’s technical questions but translate these answers into financial and business process implications that are critical for making correct and timely decisions.


Plan and Execute Inorganic Growth

  • Match Technology Requirements to Growth Plans:  Don’t let growth outpace your IT infrastructure requirements.   Implementing Technologies, LLC can analyze and audit your IT requirements at current and future states and present solution sets in a phased approach.
  • Budget Appropriately for Growth: Technology roadmaps will provide insight to allow for proper budgeting and modeling during the planning and targeting mode.
  • Understand potential hurdles on your path to growth:  Understand your own organization’s challenges, if potential roadblocks to success exist, and how to manage them.

Technology and Business Process Diligence

  • Conduct Business Process and Technology Due Diligence:  We evaluate all aspects of the healthcare IT enterprise during diligence stage including:
    • Security procedures and solutions
    • Infrastructure / Hardware
    • Software Applications
    • Business Processes
    • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Evaluate Future Interoperability Issues:   How will potential acquisition targets integrate and interoperate with your existing enterprise?  How tightly would you like the businesses integrated?  How tightly can the two businesses be integrated?   
  • Quantify Costs and Expected Return of Integration and Interoperability Goals:  Understand and model required CAPEX and other expenses.  Quantify true opportunities for cost cutting measures and resource sharing.

Post-Merger Integration

  • Execute Implementation, Integration, and Interoperability Plans Quickly:  Speedy integration of two enterprises is a key lever for success in realizing potential financial synergies.  Our team can help to quickly improve the time required for any system implementation, integration, or customization.

Maximize Technology and Business Process Synergies

  • Build Interfaces between disparate locations, enterprises, and vendors:  Acquisitions will bring with them an increasing number of disparate systems, solutions, vendors, and processes.  Determine when to replace previous investments and when to build bridges or interoperability enabling solutions.  Determine the best time-phase approach to these problems.
  • Choose Vendors and Solutions that Best Meet Multi-enterprise Requirements:  Data management across enterprises is becoming an increasing concern as consolidation increases.  Identify solutions and vendors that can best support the utilization and management of this disparate data.
  • Implement Solutions to Improve Efficiencies:  Ensure your organization is realizing the full potential of the acquisition.