Small Practices (1-8 Providers)

Our team helps smaller practices use incentive programs (eRX, PQRS, and Meaningful Use) aggressively to improve their own systems and bottom lines.  For our many clients in this range, they rely on our ability to conduct superior implementations and optimization efforts and reduce the costly distractions and headaches that are so often experienced with change in small practices.  We help small practices choose systems that are right for them and best support their goals and smaller budgets.  Cost and value are critical to our clients in this range and we seek to provide only the most profitable and efficient solutions.

Midsize Practices (8-30 Providers)

Like small practices, cost and value are critical concerns for our clients in this size range.  Mid-size practices are asking our firm to take their IT systems to the next level as they grow their practices.  As practices enter this range, we see a greater demand to gain maximum efficiencies from their EHR/PM and other IT systems.  Optimization and customization of systems are often necessary to receive the highest ROI from their systems.  Midsize practices are also faced with the pressures of industry consolidation (i.e. acquire, remain independent, and/or join larger systems).  These management issues present their own technology challenges and our team has impressive results at enabling our clients to achieve their growth goals.

Large Practices (30+ Providers)

Implementing Technologies, LLC supports multiple large-sized practices throughout the country including an 80+ provider practice where our team helps to enable management of 25+ locations, 300,000+ patients, and an NCQA Level 3 certified Patient Centered Medical Home standard of care.  Large practices are rapidly acquiring and partnering with smaller practices, seeking to gain maximum efficiencies from their EHR/PM systems, take advantage of new business models and payor contracts, and join or develop ACOs and HIEs.  Behind all of these strategies, our clients look to us to help advance their goals.

Hospitals and Hospital Systems

Our team is currently working to address four growing concerns for this client type.  These include:

  • Multi-enterprise / multi-location integration, optimization, and interoperability
  • Disparate system integration
  • HIE development, participation, and interfaces
  • Reputation management

As these clients have fueled industry consolidation, they are now faced with the expectation of finding synergies through cost savings, interoperability, efficiencies, and information sharing.  Customization, integration, interoperability, and optimization are what hospitals are looking to our firm to help deliver.


We have identified unique opportunities to work for and alongside payors as they develop their own internal systems for member and provider management and find new ways to drive efficiencies and cost saving quality measures to their provider partners.  Many rapidly advancing business models and contract types require technology standards at the provider level.  Our team can not only work with payors to help implement cost cutting and quality improving initiatives, but also work with provider members in pilot and other improvement programs.  Example areas of demand include:

  • Payor/provider reporting tools
  • Datamining tools
  • HIE interfaces and data exchange tools
  • Custom member management tools
  • Quality care program solutions
  • Population management tools


Federally Qualified Health Centers

Community Health Centers are faced with some of the largest care management challenges in healthcare today.  Implementing Technologies, LLC staff has experience enabling creative and cost effective solutions for this community.  Relevant project experience includes:

  • EHR/PM implementation and optimization
  • chronic disease management
  • telemedicine
  • population management
  • preventative care
  • HIE interface solutions


Long Term Care & Home Care

Our team has partnered with experts in Medicaid systems and processes to provide a complete offering that can support regulatory, legal, program, data, business processes, workflow, and information technology needs.  The business and case management needs are unique and, like other areas of healthcare, increasing competition and consolidation are requiring firms to find greater efficiencies, and improve quality of care and service.

  • Medicaid Data Management Tools
  • Business Process Improvement Tools
  • Case Management Tools
  • HIE interface Solutions
  • Provider and Referral Solutions
  • Chronic Disease Management Solutions


Accountable Care Organizations

A growing number of providers and healthcare communities are exploring and implementing the Shared Savings/Accountable Care model.  As providers join or establish ACOs, they will require technology solutions to enable the exchange and interoperability of health information.  Our team can apply EHR, interoperability, and HIE solutions at both the hub and spoke of these organizations.

  • HIE solutions
  • Business Process Improvement Solutions
  • Population Management Solutions
  • Case Management Solutions
  • EHR
  • Disease Management Solutions
  • Datamining


Technology and Service Providers

Implementing Technologies, LLC supports software developers and other technology providers in healthcare.  EHR/PM software platform developers, application developers, government contractors, and systems integrators have all relied on our organization to support their own execution and growth goals.  Projects include:

  • HL7 interface development and production
  • SaaS enabling solutions
  • Software application support
  • Implementation / integration support
  • Service delivery partnerships
  • Project management
  • Staff augmentation

Example Specialties

  • Primary Care
  • Ophthalmology
  • Orthopedics
  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Pediatrics
  • Gastroenterology
  • OB/GYN
  • Urology
  • Radiology
  • Dental/Maxiofacial
  • Endocrinology
  • ENT
  • Physical Therapy